Australiopithecus afarensis

I was the original Lucy in the sky with diamonds
My little skull ore precious in your evolution’s eye.
What separated us from the others? A small sideways
Movement, a wind correction of change, an almost
Human balance, we toddler-clung to the great trees,
Toes fishing for the ground, breathing for the clicks
Of big cats, the pant of fur, the forage of whiskers.
On the outside, new orbits swung round us, the age
Of grass erupted, rains spurred on spears, insects gave
Way to us as we eased ourselves down, took everything
In. At night we retreated to piled nests, our fear of lows
Forgotten, height-safe at last. We stood, to get a better
View they say, a kaleidoscope of forward facing eyes
In stereo; genetic clocks chimed, stirring head bones.

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