Janine Baker

Janine L. Baker lives in South Australia as a mother, marine scientist, and poet. Her poetry, with environmental and social themes, is influenced by an itinerant upbringing, when she lived in many places around Australia and in Papua New Guinea. She writes poetry in brief spurts, and has had about 115 poems published intermittently during the past decade; most recently, 16 poems in the Spring 2009 issue of Jack Magazine from USA http://www.jackmagazine.com/poetry.html. In 2009, poems have also appeared in print journals such as Verandah, Tamba and Blue Giraffe.  A first collection, Circus Earth, was published in 2008 by Friendly St Poets Inc. & Wakefield Press (South Australia). Janine is currently co-editor of the 34th anthology of poetry from Friendly St Poets, to be published by Wakefield Press in 2010.

Afraid of own fear

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