Imagining Lake Gnotuck


The lake is salt.
Locals say it rises and falls with the tides.
What does a lake mean to the psyche?
It is water.
Peaceful but not like a white-ceilinged room.
It moves.
The peace of watching something in motion
ever-changing like a strobe light
now blue, now grey, now choppy, now smooth
now falling, now rising. 


Where from our fascination with fossils?
Skeleton bones inside a shell.|
Five pairs of legs (once hairy). At least one eye.
Not necessarily two.
The spiral form of clouds
worn away to a map of the world.
A porous surface water enters.
The feminine spiral.
Curls in on itself and outward
to the world. 


Twin crater lakes, one salt, one fresh.
Micro-crustaceans living in near darkness
on the bottom of the lake
could not have imagined themselves as liquid light
swimming up through water to the lake’s surface
the metallic gleam of aluminium
and the water coloured blue.
Fish too would be surprised
to find themselves
released into a salt lake swimming
through water-filtered light.
Surprised again to find themselves
caught on a hook and pulled to the surface.


Let me tell you what I know
of ostracods.
Some are luminous.
Males attract females by flashing lights.
Some females reproduce without male input
ignoring flashes and other enticements.
Females nurture eggs in a special chamber
inside the carapace.
Eggs can live in a dry state for years.
When immersed, they hatch. 

Susan Kruss

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