in essence, frogs are environmental
     where frogs live we are told
         the water is drinkable

as children we remember creeks
      teaming with tadpoles and frog spawn
         we wanted taddies to survive in jars

in essence, frogs are environmental
     evidence of effective conservation
         return to sustainable habitat

in Britain, the common frog, Rana temporaria
      is becoming rare as ponds disappear

as adults we watch frogs on documentaries
     rarely see them in our daily living
         sometimes in wildlife displays 

in essence, frogs are environmental
     geographic, nature program
         ideal material

the unfortunate edible frog, Rana esculenta
     is not edible except the legs

last week after rain a spate of small
     dead frogs littered the footpath
         cause of death unknown

the bullfrog Rana cateseaiana can jump
     nine times its own length     

apart from that, frogs are cute
     their funny bulgy teddy eyes
        feet that stick 

frogs are also amphibian
     living in water and air
         calling us with a soft croak

Susan Kruss

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