Letter 505 Trying Not to Think a Mood

Surrounded by a wall worn smooth
when once
it used to be raw

like Leonard Cohen’s voice when he lived
in Greece and loved 
Marianne. He left to live
in New York but he remembers
more than Marianne
inside a memory or three.
They all come back and I hear
them from the blue-green crest near the
mountain where you live there is
water and water is a mystery
wanting more and wanting less
and wanting too much. I’m scared
I might find what is holy, what is sacred
and then, I’ll start to believe
in more than red earth
and daisy chains.
I’ll start to believe too much and I won’t
believe that dream I thought
I heard you say
‘Stay’. When I woke you watched
as I walked after I said goodbye to the
night after the morning
I felt
all of you
and for a moment I believed
and then, of course, you start talking
about your wife.

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