Homo Habilis

We mastered the earth dragon’s old scales first.
Produced a great click for your hominid species,
Before the age of snow, we mothered sharp flakes
Scattered them like spoor over our territory’s hide.
Tell-tale signs of something unique; original time
Managers, increased rates of carrion consumption
We invented fast food nations, a raw experiment.
Our brains super-sized, clumsy rendezvous in the
Back seat of evolution’s jalopy. Bone suspensions
Jolted us all over the ghost road, we clung to stone.
We didn’t share in your kind’s hand authority at all,
Dominant paws sunk poniard teeth into brainspace.
Twiggy you named me after your fashion; small girl
Sizes fitted us; a transition between adult & human.

B. R. Dionysius

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