This Little Piggy Went to Market

These days mouth-surgeons use porcine material for
bone grafts as a matter of course. Just a little word-play
to hide the pig behind the words, to take the oink out.

Great pets, I’m told.  Trained, they understand as well
as dogs, wiggle cork-screw tails in delight at food,
loyal, love to be tickled, suckers for kindness.  

But they are not clean; rolling in the warm wallow
of excrement, they reek of shit.  Don’t let this put you
off – dirty pigs are just the ones we eat. 

For transplants they can clean pigs up!  Specially
sterilised and purified, the brochure soothes.  The words
cleaned up so you forget it’s pig, no worry about 

putting another species in your body.  Perhaps they
even make-to-order.  Imagine – “designer pigs;
first purpose bred pig able to live without a wallow!”  

(Is a pig’s life worth a sou if it can’t indulge in mud?)�
“Fresh sanitised product direct from pig’s body to you!”�
Harvested they call it, as if pig was a crop made for picking 

like wheat, criminal to let it go to waste.  Not indicated
for patients allergic to porcine derived products, they say.�
Or people of certain faiths, vegetarians serious about what 

they put in their mouths. What about the rest of us; creeped out
by the thought of pig in our bodies? They haven’t got the oink
out yet, but they’re working on it. Why not give pigs a go? \

Anne M Carson

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