invitation to the body museum

in past literary tradition, individuals are named
according to their persuasions―
Miss Sprigg as a sweet, young twig

Mrs Fox as the cunning, old menace
Dick and John, no elaboration needed
and now for a welcome twist as the City Museum

(their considered audience being mega visual)
extends human thought through advanced metaphorics
in their latest installation: “!The Aussie Body!”

past revolving doors, you’re welcomed by twins, Belle and Bella,
robotic personnel with solid-state devotion, well-developed
from human prototypes in a Dreamland lab

the first exhibit is a crop of farmers Joe who stand by
their machines, sculptured from fresh vegetables, 3-D Arcimboldo,�
while next door, a handful of rice farmers wilt in a plenty-dry paddy

there’s a homage to Orchestras Anonymous in a far corner
where a barful of violin torsos, each with four string fingers,
drink like miniature musicians to the instruments they love

international tourists (Leeva & Karl) roll onto a mock
Sydney ferry, sporting camera eyes with automatic focus
hands cut from brochures, assorted colours

revisit a typical university student, James, as projection on screen,
permanent ear-installation, welded jeans and sneakers,
optional sunnies for toning down the fees

admire stock-brokers far from broke – a controversial view
of the angels, Gabriel and Michael, in Emperor’s clothing
over gold-lined guts, brass heart and diamond dick

you’re greeted to this final page of the imagination
by a magazine female, an inky blonde, as yet unnamed,
of statuesque proportions, body parts inflated

by research into topics which most grab the reader
there’s a museum competition to give her a name
she’s provisionally titled “Booba”, you take a form

Margaret Ruckert

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