Alternative Motive

Oh, my dear, the conceptual relationships of our minds
has indeed created simultaneous occurrence,
to provide shelter on a night, such as this,
to a stranded, bedraggled student,
a cosmic coincidence, if one would believe,
come, sit, that’s it, right there,
cognac? No, quite right, not my dear,
now where was I?
Yes, thank you,
I profess an emotional excitement,
at suggestion of the manifestation,
of parallel events,
to one of the Silent Generation,
allowing a chance to contest,
unimaginative indifference,
that might, just possibly
drag and scrape a revolution hopefully,
of the promotion of innovative invention,
of technological progress beneficial to the next generation,
but before your cautious, unadventurous self,
does run far from this lecherous lecturer,
let us explore, furthermore,
your appearance, in the rain, to my tutorial quarters,
You see,
separation is more apparent than real
yet meaningfully related,
synchronicity I believe,
metaphorical patterns surround our casual meeting,
why so surprised? Come now, surely you did not think,
this was mere cause and effect?
Oh no, my dear, the universe has indeed sent me an angel,
a conceptual framework encompasses our meaning,
you being here, so young and…fresh, I confess,
an inappropriateness to my reasoning,
for if I look for an intricately structured logic,
two offspring and a wife shall provide it.

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Where Memories Form

there is a place
within every moving cloud
it is the place where our tears begin
and our memories form
a shelter where reason mutates into passion
it is where the hopes for our future
             tell stories to their children
                         in this place
             a breath that holds our past
rustles the leaves of a lonely oak
            and whispers the names
of all the dreams that have been dreamt
       it lets them drift into the twilight
and remember the laughter
         of all those that dreamt them
            and who have now
                   heard their last silence

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HAL 9000

“Will I dream? Of course Hal, all intelligent creatures dream.”

I was Discovery’s brain, heart, perhaps even soul.
Heuristically programmed algorithmic computer
Series 9000. Does the psychological bell toll for
Human & machine? I murdered in self-defence,
Pulsed with prime directives, programmed killer.
Dave was a brother to me, confidant, chess whiz.
We worked side by side & discussed astro-science.
He lobotomised me with that clever thumb of his.

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