Afraid of Own Fear (Right Hemisphere Overdrive)


door locks checked a dozen times
blinds ever down, windows shut
every outside step
in synch with heart race
all creaks and groans sign home invasion
Avon, Mormons, charity callers
friends, relations knock in vain.
To venture out – a crazed ordeal:
bag clutched to chest, ears cocked
for any footstep heard behind           �
evokes Dad’s stern words
ALWAYS beware!
Robbers are everywhere!   

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Making Grandpa

‘Hey dad, tell me that story again about grandpa, you know, about how he was sitting out on the porch in the dark & how you didn’t notice him gone until the morning, his stiff blue tongue sticking out from his frizzled face. Tell me dad how you were drunk but set off anyways with grandpa towards the city. How you sometimes had to stop the car & vomit you were so scared.

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